Who are we?

ChessZebra is a world class chess coach for every player alive.

About us

This is what we do

ChessZebra offers an online analytics platform in chess. We automatically analyze all the games of our customers. The results are presented in a humanly understandable and beneficial way. Based on the patterns found, we offer personalized training programs to make learning more efficient. We offer our customers:

  • Evidence based recommendations: Insight is created with learning analytics in the gameplay and training of customers. We can recommend the most successful routes to learning.
  • Convenience: Every customer can train whenever and from where they want. They only have to share their games.
  • Cooperation: Our robot chess teacher takes over tasks of teachers. This makes it possible for teachers to spend more one-on-one time with their students.
  • Access: We offer customers help who don't have access to a world level chess coach.
  • Online coach: We help customers who don't have the skill set to analyze and understand their own key learning moments to improve their game.

Our mission

A world class chess teacher for every chessplayer.

Our vision

We envision a world where chess education is personalized and offers equal opportunities to all people around the world.

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